Top 8 Best 16 inch Laptop Backpacks [Review]

Are you walking around with an old backpack for your laptop? I was in town running some errands and I realized there were many people who would need a laptop backpack upgrade.

Having the right backpack and making the difference in your first meeting or interview. It could also help you prevent loose stuff. In this article, we present the top 10 best 16 inch laptop backpacks.

Importance of finding the right laptop backpack

Why is it important to own the right laptop backpack you may ask? Well, a good design backpack could be very helpful in your daily life or work life.  It will help you organize stuff in your backpack and you will always know where to find it.

Depending on which size of laptop you have it is also important that your backpack is big enough to fit it.  The important thing you need to think about is to look for a backpack with the same size as your laptop or bigger.

The best laptop backpacks do also have padded compartments to protect from you dropping your backpack for example.  One thing we also have looked on when reviewing the backpacks is all comfortable the backpack is and If it it easy to carry for longer periods of time. 

Top 8 Best 16-Inch Laptop Backpacks

To be clear, all of the backpacks below do fit at least a 16 inch laptop.

Kroser Laptop Backpack – 17.3″

KROSER Laptop Backpack Large Computer Backpack Fits up to 17.3 Inch Laptop with USB Charging Port Water-Repellent School Travel Backpack Casual Daypack for Business/College/Women/Men-Grey

The Kroser Laptop Backpack is a large backpack suitable for any work or school day. It has a nice casual design that suits most occasions.

It has the shape of a box, which makes it very handy and easy to carry. Nothing I have tested, but I think it’s great to take as carry-on on your next flight.

The backpack has padding for your back, which makes it comfortable to carry. The compartments are big and you could put a lot of stuff in the bag.

It has two compartments that you are able to lock, which is a great addition so you can feel safe from pickpockets. Another feature I like is that the material is waterproof. This protects your laptop from rain, which is very helpful.

The last feature I want to mention is the external USB port. A USB cable is attached in the larger compartment, which you can connect to a power bank, for example, and then charge your phone outside of your backpack.

One flaw I want to mention is the material, which I did not find to be the most luxurious. but I know that’s to be expected in this price range.

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ZINZ Slim Laptop Backpack – 16″

ZINZ Slim and Expandable 15 15.6 16 Inch Laptop Backpack Anti Theft Business Travel Notebook Bag with USB, Multipurpose Large Capacity Daypack College School Bookbag for Men & Women,Deep Black

The ZINZ Slim Laptop Backpack is expandable to fit everything you need, but can also slim down if you are not carrying as much.

The material of the backpack is tear resistant and water repellent and will easily protect your laptop in any weather. The straps are somewhat comfortable, but I would say they are as comfortable as regular backpack straps, so nothing I would advertise.

The backpack has a special feature, which is an expandable design. If you do not carry a lot, for example just your laptop, you can convert the backpack to a slimmer style. It converts very easily and I have not had any problems with it yet. I have found that the slim design is especially good for commuting.

The backpack has an external USB port and an additional headset port on the extended portion of the backpack. It’s not something I personally need, and I do not think the headset port is really useful today, but you could certainly use the charging port.

In summary, this is a great daypack or college backpack for everyday use. The backpack is currently available in four different colors, so you can choose your own style. One last thing worth mentioning is that the first 100 days with this backpack is a trial period. If you are not satisfied, the company will give you a refund.

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SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack – 17″

SwissGear Wenger Ibex Laptop Backpack, black, one size (27316060)

This is a Swiss Gear laptop backpack and it is actually my personal favourite backpack.

The backpack is very durable and to be honest, I have had it since 2012, which is 10 years, which means it’s the backpack I have tested the longest.

The material that the backpack is made of is very durable and the design is great. I can use it whenever I go on business trips or back in school when I had to carry a lot of books around.

I like the steel handle that is easy to hold onto even when the fabric is gone.

The zippers are also very large and strong and are very easy to open and close.

The backpack is very comfortable to wear, as it has some padded areas and some elastic straps that make it easy to put on your shoulder.

The backpack has many compartments so you can fit everything you need. My favourite compartment is the bottle holder, where I always put my coffee and can be sure it will not spill.

As I mentioned earlier, I have used it on business trips and I can tell you that this backpack meets airline requirements for carry-on luggage, which is a big plus for me.

One thing that I have not used as much is the self standing feature. One shortcoming of this feature is that it no longer works on my old backpack. I am not sure when it stopped working, but I think this is an important flaw that should be mentioned.

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MOLNIA 3 in 1 Laptop Backpack – 17.3″

MOLNIA 3 in 1 Laptop Backpack, 17.3 inch Computer Bags for Men, Laptop Backpack for Men, for Travel Bussiness School Men Women, Black

The Molnia 3 in 1 Laptop Backpack is a professional looking backpack that can also be used as a briefcase or messenger bag depending on your needs.

The backpack has adjustable padded shoulder straps that allow you to carry it comfortably on your back. The bag also has a longer strap to carry it as a shoulder bag, and a shorter strap to carry it as a messenger bag.

I would not recommend it as a shoulder bag, as its boxy design makes it very bulky, but it’s fine to carry as a regular backpack.

The material is waterproof and reasonably durable. We have not seen any rips or stains yet, but we’ll update the review if we find any.

The zippers are large and made of leather. The size of the zippers is a good thing, but I worry about the zippers breaking.

The compartments are roomy and you can easily fit clothes and gear for a weekend trip.

The backpack will fit a 17.3-inch laptop, which is great, but it also works with a 16-inch laptop, which we used in testing.

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LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack – 17″

LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack(17-Inch), Womens Laptop Bag Large Backpack Purse School Backpack Large Capacity Bookbag, Wine Red

The LOVEVOOK laptop backpack is a large women’s style bag.

I gave this bag to my sister for Christmas and she really loves the red color of the backpack.

The material is good, but only waterproof up to a certain amount of rain.

The backpack offers many pockets and features. These include a pocket for water bottles, an anti-theft pocket, and even a napkin pocket, which I have never seen in a backpack. It also has an external USB port, which I mentioned on another backpack, that you can use to charge your phone.

Pockets include a main pocket, a small front pocket, and very handy organizer pockets. Here you can put your sunglasses, wallet or passport for easy access.

At the top, the backpack has some sort of metal straps that hold the backpack open so you can easily find what you are looking for.

One problem with this is that the backpack can not stand on its own unless you have something heavy on the bottom. This is just something that I noticed.

I can recommend it to anyone looking for a laptop bag for women.

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LIGHT FLIGHT Laptop Backpack – 17.3″

LIGHT FLIGHT Laptop Backpack Women Travel Backpacks Book Bag for 17.3 Inch Computer Carry on Back Pack for Work Travel College School Large Black

The Light Flight laptop backpack is also a women’s bag in a lightweight design.

This backpack can be used in the office on campus or on a business trip. It offers great organization with plenty of storage space.

Inside the backpack we find additional compartments, a laptop compartment, a hidden compartment on the back and a front storage compartment where you can put your water bottle.

The laptop compartment is suitable for 17.3-inch laptops, and smaller laptops will of course fit inside.

It has an anti-theft zipper and a luggage strap that allows you to safely transport your backpack at the airport.

While it is stated that the backpack is water resistant, we do not recommend walking around with it in heavy rain as we have noticed some leaks from the zippers.

This backpack does also feature a charging slot where you can charge your phone via your portable charger without having to open the backpack.

The material is good, but not the best quality. I would say that it is great for the price you pay.

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Osprey Arcane Large Laptop Backpack – 16″

Osprey Arcane Large Laptop Backpack, Stargazer Blue

The Osprey Transporter Roll Top Laptop Backpack is a great bag for everyday use.

It is a model for people who like to hike and also want to use this model for commuting.

The backpack has an opening that you can roll up to access the main compartment, which also closes with a high quality aluminium buckle.

The material is of very high quality and very stylish. It is water resistant and you can safely carry your laptop in the external set compartment that is located next to your back.

However, be aware that the laptop bag is not suitable for every 16-inch laptop. If your laptop is larger than normal, I recommend measuring carefully before purchasing this bag.

I like the pockets for easy access to documents and other essentials. The bag has a flashing light attachment which I find very handy for commuters.

It also has a handle on the top that makes it easy to carry the bag while travelling.

In summary, this is a quality lightweight bag for commuters, but you need to make sure your laptop fits in the back compartment.

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Everki Onyx Premium Business Executive – 17.3″

Everki Onyx Premium Business Executive 17.3-Inch Laptop Backpack, Ballistic Nylon and Leather, Travel Friendly (EKP132S17), Black

The Everki Premium Business Executive 17.3-inch laptop backpack will make you look very professional.

It is a handsome and well-designed bag that can handle all your business trips on its own.

It has room for a 17.3-inch laptop and a 13-inch tablet. You can open this backpack 180 degrees, which makes it very travel-friendly when you go through airport security.

A very useful feature is the hard-shell sunglasses compartment with quick access, located on the top of the backpack.

Another great feature that is not often thought of is the RFID protected compartment where you can safely store your credit cards, passports and other smart cards.

The material of this backpack is very durable and is made of ballistic nylon that is also water resistant.

The total capacity of the 17.3-inch laptop backpack is 36 liters and that is quite enough for any weekday business trip.

With its extra padded shoulder straps, the backpack is also very comfortable to carry.

In summary, this bag has a large number of pockets where you can easily find and store everything you need.

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Thank you for reading this article and I hope it helped you choose your new backpack. If you have read this far, I’d like to ask if you might be interested in more articles. Maybe you are looking for a new 16 inch laptop? Or looking for another laptop. Take a look at the following links.

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